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Windermere Jetty Museum Conservation Assistant


Our Conservation Assistants play a crucial role in the visitor experience at Windermere Jetty. As Conservation Assistant, you’ll be key to helping our visitors get the most from their visit and will also provide a participative experience for visitors who want to engage in boat Conservation – ‘hands-on’.


Will I be trained?

  • When you first join the volunteering team, you’ll receive information, instruction, some simple basic training and then supervision from a member of the boat building team.
  • The training will include security arrangements and health and safety considerations.


What skills are needed?

  • No previous skills in boat building are required but we do need people who are practical and enjoy using woodworking tools – hands-on.  
  • A knowledge of boats is helpful but isn’t essential. We provide the information you’ll need, as well as regular training about the boats on display.
  • A friendly, welcoming approach to ensure our visitors get the most from their visit.
  • As the ‘face’ of Windermere Jetty you’ll need to look presentable.
  • Being a Conservation Assistant needn’t be physically demanding, however you’ll need to be sufficiently fit and agile to be able to perform practical, manual work on boats.


What's involved?

What’s involved?

  • We’re looking for people who’d like to restore a wooden rowing boat and explain one of the skills required – fastening wooden planks with copper nails and roves.
  • We encourage our Conservation Assistants to talk to, and engage with, our visitors and answer questions that they may have.
  • The project will take place at Windermere Jetty boat yard under a marquee, and comprise two 3-hour sessions every day, Monday to Sunday. Volunteers can opt to do as many of these sessions as they like, up to 10 sessions per week.
  • All materials, tools and equipment will be provided.   
  • The project will be supervised by the Conservation Boat builders and guidance will be given at each new stage.
  • Assuming sufficient progress is made, the project will culminate with a launch day, where we’ll float the boat and see how
    it rows!


Why get involved?

What can I expect?

  • We are looking for volunteers to join a boat building rota throughout July and August.  
  • We currently organise our volunteer rota across two slots each day:
    • Mornings: 10.00am – 1.00pm
    • Afternoons: 1.00pm - 4.00pm
  • We plan our rota in advance.    
    Most of our volunteers like to plan their time early, however, we are also very grateful to those who are able to step in at short notice. You can sign up online, or by email.
  • We ask that you treat your slots on the volunteer rota as a firm commitment. We appreciate that there may be times when you’re unable to attend at the last minute (perhaps because of illness or a domestic emergency) – we would appreciate it if you could let us know as soon as possible so that we can arrange alternative cover.
  • We appreciate that some volunteers are able to cover occasional days, whilst others are able to make a regular commitment (e.g. 1 slot per week). We ask that volunteers commit to the equivalent of at least 2-3 days across the duration of the project, but whatever your availability, we appreciate the commitment.

How to get involved?


Send an email giving us a little more detail about you, your interests and experience to:

Ideal Skills

  • Conservation
  • Construction

Ideal Interests

  • Conservation
  • Learning and Education
  • Curatorial/Working with Museum Collection

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