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Sort that Offsite Store!


There are several stages to this project. The first is to work in teams of two to inventory the bays of boxes containing archaeological material. Key information will need to be recorded on a spreadsheet which will then be uploaded to our central database. This information will then be used to completely reorganise the store to make material more accessible for everyone from museum staff to researchers and to visitors as the material may be used in future displays.

What's involved?

This is stage 1 of a wider project to organise our off-site store. There are two aspects to stage 1. The first is using a laptop to record information on an excel spreadsheet. The information needs to be accurate and use specified terms which will be provided. The second is lifting boxes off shelves to examine the labels and material and give the information to the spreadsheet documenter. The use of step ladders and manual handling will be needed for this part of the task. Boxes will also need to be re-stacked on shelves in a safe way.

All necessary training will be provided and the curator will always on be on hand for any questions and general help.

This project is being carried out in a warehouse where it can get chilly. We do advise warm clothes and layers. The office area is warm and there will be frequent breaks. We also advise bringing a lidded bottle of water for in the stores. Warm drinks will be provided on breaks.

The project is in an off-site store. We can provide lifts from Tullie House Museum or we can meet you there.

Why get involved?

It’s a fantastic opportunity to really get behind in the scenes of collections management and see first hand how vast archaeology collections can be. There are some wonderful objects in store which can be looked at as the work progresses and the curator is on hand to give more information and insights into the collections. There are opportunities to learn about collections care, documentation and how museums process and how we look after archaeology collections. Its also a great way to work in pairs and a wider team to help make Tullie House more open and accessible to the public. If you are local to Carlisle its also a wonderful opportunity to get up close to the history that was dug up from under the city.

How to get involved?

Click 'accept challenge' or contact for more information.

Ideal Interests

  • Archiving
  • Conservation
  • Curatorial/Working with Museum Collection

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